Elegant Flavors Packed in a Square Inch

These elegant, pastel petits fours by Bon Vivant New York would fit in nicely at a spring party. Maya Hormis, the owner, studied at Le Cordon Bleu and decided to focus on the classic little iced cakes. “I remember them when I was a child, but you couldn’t get them anywhere,” she said. Her team in Englewood, N.J., fashions square-inch ones and somewhat larger petits cakes, all with buttercream and marzipan fillings and fondant icings, for her Upper East Side shop and to sell online. The flavors are lavender, vanilla, lemon, rose and coffee. She’s working on chocolate: Bon Vivant New York Cake Café, 238 East 58th Street, 646-481-4044, petits fours starting at $3.15, petits cakes from $5.80

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